Can We Expect a MacBook Pro Update in 2018?

Apple follows a fairly predictable path when it introduces a new product. For example, it unveils a new version of the iPhone, and then it soon releases an update that fixes bugs and other issues.

And the same holds true for Apple’s MacBook Pro. In fall 2017, a new version of the MacBook Pro appeared at Apple’s “Hello Again” event, and the actual machines started shipping shortly thereafter.

As with any new product, the latest MacBook Pro was met with tepid praise and pointed criticisms. But there was nothing to worry about, right? After all, surely Apple would release fixes and updates over the course of 2018.

Well, that may not be the case. Here’s a look at what experts are predicting as MacBook Pro users look for improvements this year.

Don’t Expect Much in the Way of Updates

As MacBook Pro users got to know their new laptops in late 2017, they pointed to 2018 as the year when the updates would start rolling in. In December 2017, Apple Head of Design Jony Ive even said: “… all of your feelings and feedback around the MacBook you use, we couldn’t want to listen more … And we hear — boy, do we hear.”

Those words seemed to suggest major updates were imminent. But, in January, Digitimes splashed cold water on the notion of Apple responding to criticisms, noting that production reports indicate Apple is only planning minor updates to the MacBook Pro this year.

The updates likely to hit in 2018 are driven more by keeping up with competition than responding to complaints from users. For example, it’s likely that MacBook Pro users see updates to memory, storage and processing as Apple aims to keep pace with Windows 10 competition. But, beyond that, don’t expect much in the way of updates.

What About the Touch Bar?

One of the primary criticisms of the new MacBook Pro centered on its Touch Bar, which had been billed as a new innovation that users would love. But the Touch Bar offers no haptic response — and buyers noticed.

The MacBook Pro is an essential instrument for creative professionals and developers. In particular, developers rely on their MacBook Pros for reliable and effective performance as they make countless keystrokes each day.

Without a haptic response to use of the Touch Bar, developers are unnecessarily slowed down by mistakes and misclicks. An update to the Touch Bar that adds a haptic response would be appreciated by many who use the MacBook Pro — but it looks as though no update is coming.

The Haptic Touch Bar and Other Third-Party Updates

But there’s good news, too. The out-of-the box Touch Bar can be configured, customized and programmed, and some MacBook Pro power users have created their own updates — like the new Haptic Touch Bar.

The Haptic Touch Bar delivers the haptic response that developers and other users of the MacBook Pro have been yearning for. The Haptic Touch Bar supports keyboard keys, control strip buttons, as well as application controls, and it helps developers and others achieve the accuracy and efficiency they want and need.

The Haptic Touch Bar is accessible and affordable, too. Take advantage of the free, no obligation, 14-day trial period to confirm that you enjoy the Haptic Touch Bar’s responsiveness and appreciate the value it provides.

Apple may soon provide updates that better align with the needs of the most dedicated MacBook Pro users. In the meantime, learn more about the Haptic Touch Bar and how it can transform the user experience.

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