The missing haptic and sound feedback for Touch Bar

Haptic Touch Bar provides haptic (force) and sound feedback whenever you press a Touch Bar button on MacBook Pro - including keyboard keys (Esc, F1-F12), Control Strip buttons (volume, brightness, etc.), and contextual app controls.

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After playing with Haptic Touch Bar for a while myself, it seems unimaginable that Apple didn’t implement something like this out of the box. Not only does the app augment the Touch Bar experience, but it makes the Touch Bar feel like an actual extension of your keyboard.

Anthony Bouchard

Haptic Touch Bar supports all Touch Bar modes

Keyboard keys (Esc, F1 - F12)

Are you a Vim enthusiast who press Esc 1000 times a day? Do you use IDEs with lots of F1 - F12 keyboard shortcuts? Need to play with Windows virtual machines? Haptic Touch Bar makes touch typing possible once again.

Control Strip buttons

Adjust volume, brightness, etc., with confidence.

Contextual app controls

Finder, Safari, Chrome, and all other apps supporting the Touch Bar. Use them with joy.