Discover the Touch Bar your
MacBook Pro should have shipped with from the start

Haptic Touch Bar provides actual feedback when pressing buttons on your Touch Bar

After playing with Haptic Touch Bar for a while myself, it seems unimaginable that Apple didn’t implement something like this out of the box. Not only does the app augment the Touch Bar experience, but it makes the Touch Bar feel like an actual extension of your keyboard.

Anthony Bouchard

Why do you need it?

If you bought your MacBook Pro in 2016 or later, you’re probably still cursing Apple for replacing the top row of the keyboard (Esc, F1-F12 row) with a ‘touch bar’ that makes it impossible to touch type.

The lack of sound or haptic feedback makes it like typing on a flat table top!

Serious high-end MacBook Pro owners use these silent, unresponsive top row keys frequently—and it’s incredibly annoying to keep looking down to check typing.

The new Haptic Touch Bar app solves that in an instant.

Utilizing the haptic engine of the Force Touch trackpad, it provides haptic feedback whenever you press a Touch Bar key.

And what’s more - it supports all touch bar modes:
Keyboard keys (Esc, F1 - F12)
Control Strip buttons
Contextual app controls
Touch typing is possible once again on your MacBook Pro and you can be more productive!

Check out the Haptic Touch Bar app to get a little feedback from your fingers.

Patrick Lucas Austin

Who’s it for?

User experiences

@HapticTouchBar I just got a new MacBook Pro with a touchbar and... and I just... I just love you. I love you so much.

Christian Hammond
Software Developer & President/CEO of Beanbag

Why this wasn't implemented from launch... thank you @HapticTouchBar.

Lee Carroll
Interaction Designer & Developer

Wow. I wish I had found @HapticTouchBar month ago when I bought a new MBP. So much better!

Jeffrey Tagen
Software Developer

What can you expect?

In two words: simplicity and productivity!

From downloading the trial version to making touch typing a joy again, it’s a quick and simple journey.

And the app just works in the background while you quietly (or with a little sound if you like!) become more productive on your MacBook Pro.

What happens with your free trial?

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Can I buy the app now without a trial?

Yes. It’s available on our website here.

How do I pay?

The app is $4.99—payable by credit card or PayPal.

Why “haptic”?

“Haptic” simply means “relating to the sense of touch”.